Proxmox VM’s have slow response times and timeouts

We started to use the built-in firewall function in our Proxmox cluster, and sometimes VM-s started to timeout for time to time, but we found no problem then. It happened again, and finally found the root of our problem.

The following line started to appear in the syslog (both VM, and core machine):

 nf_conntrack: table full, dropping packet

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Proxmox VE 4.x 5.x – SSL Issue

We started to use VMs instead of containers a few months ago on our Proxmox cluster. We had some issues in the beginning but now it works well.

The problem:

Today I came across a very irritating problem as I was updating our certificates. After the update I couldn’t restart the working VMs and got the following error message:

Failed to start VNC server: Our own certificate /etc/pve/local/pve-ssl.pem failed validation against /etc/pve/pve-root-ca.pem: The certificate hasn't got a known issuer

The web interface was working well with the new certificate, so I started to search for answers.

Long story short, I found a few posts about the problem, but neither of them worked. And then I opened another one, and BOOM: It struck me hard.

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